Physics For the IB Diploma

Welcome to the website of the textbook "Physics for the IB Diploma", Seventh Edition, by K.A. Tsokos. This is to support teaching beginning in September 2023 with first exams in May 2025. This is a website under continuous development whose aim is to help teachers and students navigate the massive examination syllabus of the IB Diploma Physics course.

At present, the website contains many files that may be used in the classroom to promote conceptual understanding, inquiry, critical thinking, clear up misconceptions and enhance and challenge student learning.

Also contained here are specimen papers for the May 2025 exams, sample questions for Paper 2 (the long 20 mark questions) and a selection of practicals. Under miscellaneous you can also find the "problem of the week", a comprehensive homework set on a particular topic.

New materials are being added on a regular basis.

The book can be purchased through Cambridge University Press or Amazon, as well as local bookshops.